Stop, collaborate and reflect

I was on a ferry from Athens to Mykonos and was getting irritated by my magazine pages that were flying around and my iPhone 5 was almost out of battery with 2.5hrs of the trip to go. The magazine I was consumed in was Marie Clare and the article I was reading was ‘Meet Generation Entitlement’. It was a 3 page spread about how today’s society, particularly Generation Y (otherwise known as ‘Generation Me’) only knows and expects the absolute best. With technology the way it is, we get things faster and we have less patience. A lot of what we have now are things that our parents and grandparents didn’t have the luxury of 50 years ago. Probably worth noting also I am writing this in the middle of the Aegean Sea with my iPod in my ears and iPad in my lap. The universe was sending a message.

The article also stated that luxurious and lengthy holidays have become more of an expectation and less of an exception. Oh and hey, I’m on a 2 month holiday right now. I question whether this article was written solely for me. Wait, no, that’s me being a typical Generation Me…ironic? To quote the article, according to American comedian Louis CK, we need to go back in time “where we’re walking around with a donkey” to remind us how amazing modern life has become and suggests maybe then we can move from an entitlement era to an era of gratefulness.

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Not another inspirational quote…

Not another inspirational quote…

I try to surround myself with positivity and good energy every day. I find that quotes and affirmations help me stay on my path and provide perspective.

These are some images I’ve collected from around the world along with some of my favourite quotes.

Enjoy! And please share any love & light these images might give you – x

Don't invite the present

Don't look back


Life will give


And the day came

I'm alive
…..And there’s more where these came from!