Stop, collaborate and reflect

I was on a ferry from Athens to Mykonos and was getting irritated by my magazine pages that were flying around and my iPhone 5 was almost out of battery with 2.5hrs of the trip to go. The magazine I was consumed in was Marie Clare and the article I was reading was ‘Meet Generation Entitlement’. It was a 3 page spread about how today’s society, particularly Generation Y (otherwise known as ‘Generation Me’) only knows and expects the absolute best. With technology the way it is, we get things faster and we have less patience. A lot of what we have now are things that our parents and grandparents didn’t have the luxury of 50 years ago. Probably worth noting also I am writing this in the middle of the Aegean Sea with my iPod in my ears and iPad in my lap. The universe was sending a message.

The article also stated that luxurious and lengthy holidays have become more of an expectation and less of an exception. Oh and hey, I’m on a 2 month holiday right now. I question whether this article was written solely for me. Wait, no, that’s me being a typical Generation Me…ironic? To quote the article, according to American comedian Louis CK, we need to go back in time “where we’re walking around with a donkey” to remind us how amazing modern life has become and suggests maybe then we can move from an entitlement era to an era of gratefulness.

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