Wardrobe Wars

Wardrobe Wars

Sorry gents, this one is going to appeal mostly to the ladies. However if you’d like to feel better about yourself and your recent weight gain, read on…

I opened my wardrobe doors recently and sadly didn’t find the doorway to Narnia. Instead I found some clothes that once fit and a series of bad fashion trends.

Admittedly, I’m a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit above my ideal weight at the moment thanks to two months overseas doing zero exercise except walking to get hourly snacks from a range of food vendors including McDonalds, various German and Czech hot dog stands and English pubs to name a few. These few extra kilo’s took the “I have all these clothes and still have NOTHING to wear” argument to a whole new level. Even if I wanted to wear something I physically couldn’t fit into it. Just yesterday actually I wore a black pencil skirt to work (which had once been a bit big) and somewhere in between getting out of my car and walking to the train station my new set of fat rolls around my stomach had pushed down the zipper which left me skirtless by the time I had reached the station platform. Times were tough.

Realising I had ‘nothing’ to wear mustered up some motivation for a wardrobe cleanse.

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