Let’s get this issue cleared up.

Let’s get this issue cleared up.

I’m talking about The Big Issue. A not-for-profit organisation that provides employment for homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people around the world.

I didn’t know much about The Big Issue until earlier this year when I had the opportunity to work at The Big Issue Street Soccer Festival in January. I got to meet some great people and hear some inspiring stories. The people you see on the streets aren’t just homeless people trying to flog you a crappy paper, they are people who are working a real job, just like you and I.

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This week I saved 3 lives, no biggie…

This week I saved 3 lives, no biggie…

I’m not one of those wonderful people who work as a nurse, paramedic or a heart surgeon for example. BUT I do donate blood and that’s how I help to save 3 lives every time I do so.

There are so many people who generously donate their blood on a regular basis however the demand is still there so I encourage everyone to read on and give it some thought if you’ve ever been inclined to donate before.

I hate needles. I can’t even look at the blood streaming out of my arm and I often faint after my donation (don’t worry, nothing major – I’m just weird). Have I convinced you yet? Ha, probably not! Aside from all this and despite my vampire theories (ask me later on that one), what makes me keep going back every 3 months is that even though it’s slightly uncomfortable, it’s so important to so many others. It’s such a little thing that could mean so much for someone else.

Now I’ll bring out the big draw card, FREE FOOD! Oh Lordy, I can’t get enough of the little cheese and biscuits and don’t even get me started on the chocolate milk. It’s a glorious feast and a little reward for taking some time out to donate.

There’s another advantage too. Every time you donate you get a little health check. Your iron levels get checked and other important health things that I can’t list. I also learnt my blood type (O negative, FYI) which then led me to do some research on different blood types. Do you know that it’s said your blood type determines your personality? In Japan, blood type has big implications for life, work and love. Read about what your blood type says about you.

There’s a few boxes you need to tick before you can donate blood. Check to see if you’re eligible to donate.

Lastly, thanks to the kind people who work in the blood banks. Thanks for always ensuring I don’t faint and making sure I get home okay. You’re kindness is appreciated!

PS. Well done to Jay Tapscott who donated for the first time and drank two chocolate milks. That’s an example of getting. it. done.

Calling all Shopaholics! Join the movement.

If you’re anything like me – or some of my friends – I feel a little lost without buying that special something every few weeks (or usually every few days..). Often when I get bored, I’ll casually jump online and buy that $109 perfume I’ve always wanted, or the other week I submitted a poorly written assignment so I cheered myself up with a $79 pair of pants from Forever New and a top to match from Country Road.  Are these things vital to my survival? Although I’d like to think so – they’re not! And my bank account certainly doesn’t appreciate my need for expensive clothing. So yes – I consider myself somewhat of a shopaholic…

BUT for me and others of my kind out there – here is a solution! I’ve learnt through a friend of a campaign called “Buy Nothing New Month” which is a global movement in consumption. It’s a little idea that started in Melbourne and has reached the USA and the Netherlands. It encourages people to start thinking before buying, it’s not about going without something but instead taking a month off to start asking yourself; Do I really need this? Can I borrow this? Or can I get it second hand?

So, aside from the very first day of October (where I had a little impulsive episode and bought an entire new outfit) I have since made a conscious effort to not buy anything new during October. I’m not going to lie – it’s hard. I don’t know what to do at work if I can’t do some online shopping here and there? And unfortunately I’m educated enough to know a bargain when I see one. But it’s a fantastic movement in which I’d love to support. Because really – do you ever stop to think where your old clothes and things might end up before you throw them out? Likewise, I told myself to consider our resources and landfills before purchasing that $200 dress from Kookai.

My advice for the rest of the month: Move out of the department stores and check out the local op-shops and markets because not only is it good for our wallets but also our planet!  

Make a pledge here! http://www.buynothingnew.com.au/pledge/

Swan Lake

Last night, I saw my first Ballet at the Melbourne Arts Centre. It was breath taking! Completely mesmerizing.

Funny story however. As my friend, Victoria and I arrive (5 minutes late, whoops) we have to wait until we can be ushered in as the prologue had just began. While I was standing there waiting, I watched the monitor to see the show commencing. It was then when I realised – I have NO idea what Swan Lake is about? “I’ve seen the movie Black Swan, which was terrible.. is it anything like that?” I thought. I was completely surprised that I had never known the story, even though the name was so familiar. Embarrassing really?!

After having seen such a wonderful version of Swan Lake, I’d describe the story as beautifully tragic. Prince Siegfriend celebrates his birthday with his friends while four Princesses are presented to the Prince as potential wives, he shows no interest though. Later in the evening after the party, the Prince escapes to the lake where he seeks solitude. He becomes transfixed on a swan that transforms in to the beautiful Princess Odette, who gives her heart to the Prince.

The following night, there is an extravagant ball in process at the Prince’s palace. He is expected to choose a wife, but his mind is elsewhere thinking of Princess Odette. The festivities are interrupted by von Rothbart who introduces his seductive daughter to the Prince, who has an uncanny appearance to that of Princess Odette. Prince Siegfried is mesmerised by the beauty of von Rothbart’s daughter and falls under her spell, breaking the vow of fidelity to Odette.

As the swan maidens protect the Princess, the prince begs for her forgiveness, but she knows that they have to separate. In desperation, he drowns himself. His sacrifice frees the soul of Odette from von Rothbart though she will remain a swan.

The dancing was superb & so sophisticated. The orchestra was truly wonderful and an absolute joy to listen to.

I appreciated the experience and am already dying to see another ballet performance. Horizons have been broadened!  Dose of Melbourne Culture – Check.

Training is underway!

Hey all!

Welcome & thanks for reading my first blog post!

If you haven’t already – please read the about me pages and learning quests to give you an idea about what I’m about!

So 10km hey… I’d be lying if I said I’ve ever ran 2km without gasping for air half way through.. Before thinking twice about it though, I registered for the 10km Melbourne Marathon on the 14th of October. Less than 4 weeks away…eekk! With the run soon approaching, I’ve been under pressure to get fit again! I’m pleased to report that it hasn’t been as tragic as first thought. Thanks to some encouraging friends who have also challenged themselves to do the run, we’re getting better and better each week.

Record to date – 7.5km in 56 minutes.

My aim is to run the whole distance within 1 hour!