A Year in Review

A Year in Review

It’s that time again we say goodbye to another year and take a few moments to reflect on the year that has been.

For me 2014 was a year of change, filled with adventures and great people as well as some challenging times along the way. A lot can happen during a year but I found it funny when I thought back on previous years and found some reoccurring phases and promises made that no doubt will happen again in the coming year.

Raise a hand if you’ve quoted one of these at some point during a year…

“It’s time to get fit and healthy again!”
This is a common one for most of us and one I try to motivate myself to achieve on an almost daily basis. It comes in many different forms such as irrationally registering yourself for a marathon and convincing yourself you’ll be able to run 42kms in 3 months time or adopting a gluten/sugar/fun-free diet. For the very committed, this may also include ditching alcohol. I once did Dry July and Ocsober in the same year. Although I interpreted the month thing as optional. One time I legitimately forgot and lasted to the third day of the month (whoops). Joining a gym is also a common occurrence at this time of year which is later abandoned because you can no longer handle the guilt that comes with avoiding the gym as if it is the ebola crisis centre.

“Seriously, I need to budget”
This is my aim for the year (or just January) and I am adamant on achieving it, goddamnit! So if you see me in an expensive clothing store or in a cute gift shop buying unnecessary shelf ornaments, please force me out or call security (thanks in advance). Budgeting comes with adulthood I’ve found. If you’re like me you’ll have a dreadfully shameful Sunday night mentally making a list of all the things you spent money on during the week, particularly the last 48 hours. Maybe the first step in budgeting is to simply aim to actually look at your bank balance regularly as oppose to thinking it’s all too hard and avoiding internet banking for days on end.

“I need a new hobby”
For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a hobby on the go. Whether roller blading or making flower crowns or even this blog for instance, I always need some kind of physical or creative outlet. Sometimes a hobby can last a life time and other times you discover that the hobby has turned into a death sentence, every knitting stitch killing you slowly.  In this case, you find yourself searching for a new hobby every few months; this process is almost a hobby in itself.

“Time to focus on my career”
This one happens every couple of months, generally after a period where my social life has been out of control. Sometimes it’s necessary to cut back on the after-work catch ups and opt-in to get a decent nights sleep in order to be mildly intelligent for work the next day instead of having the brain capacity equivalent to a sack of potatoes. We get caught up and entrenched in a Monday to Friday routine that it’s good to stop and double check you’re enjoying what you’re doing periodically.

“I’m going to prioritise me”
This one might just be a girl thing as it’s definitely something I hear my girlfriends and I say quite frequently. Whether it be forcing yourself to stay home on a Friday night to take a bath and have an early night because you’re rundown or convincing/reminding yourself you’re happy being single, there can be times where you hate everyone around you as well as your current situation. It’s a way of being temporarily very selfish and why the bloody hell not, I say!

“I’m taking a break from social media”
There are some people that instantly come to mind when I think of this one. Social media rules our lives now days and it is important to take-5 from the interweb every now and then (that’s the grandma coming out in me). However what I’ve learnt is that you should not announce in public you’re doing this because everyone you’ve told will have a field day when they see you check-in on Facebook.

I don’t think you can go a year without saying this at least once, I can’t anyway. For those who have got their shit together and are unaware of what this feels like, it’s the moments where you have very little control over your life, time becomes irrelevant, forget to fill up your car with petrol and/or experience 3 days hangovers. I don’t think it should necessarily be viewed as a pathetic cry for help (unless you’ve forgotten more then twice that your car needs petrol to function in which case get that sorted) but as a sign that you’re living life day to day with no master plan, how exhilarating! I guess at the end of the day, we go through these little adventures and pledges to give us some kind of renewed purpose and focus.

Maybe our (sometimes) unaccomplished resolutions and alike are a way to keep us on our way. Life is a journey and we continue to learn along the way. Instead of a year long resolution, how about committing to attainable trial-and-error type activities. Challenge yourself to find out what makes you happy or feel better, keep pursuing, develop habits and have fun. I haven’t always stuck to what I promised myself I would, but at least I know I tried it out (like the whole half-marathon thing) and it wasn’t for me.

All the best for 2015! 

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