This week I saved 3 lives, no biggie…

This week I saved 3 lives, no biggie…

I’m not one of those wonderful people who work as a nurse, paramedic or a heart surgeon for example. BUT I do donate blood and that’s how I help to save 3 lives every time I do so.

There are so many people who generously donate their blood on a regular basis however the demand is still there so I encourage everyone to read on and give it some thought if you’ve ever been inclined to donate before.

I hate needles. I can’t even look at the blood streaming out of my arm and I often faint after my donation (don’t worry, nothing major – I’m just weird). Have I convinced you yet? Ha, probably not! Aside from all this and despite my vampire theories (ask me later on that one), what makes me keep going back every 3 months is that even though it’s slightly uncomfortable, it’s so important to so many others. It’s such a little thing that could mean so much for someone else.

Now I’ll bring out the big draw card, FREE FOOD! Oh Lordy, I can’t get enough of the little cheese and biscuits and don’t even get me started on the chocolate milk. It’s a glorious feast and a little reward for taking some time out to donate.

There’s another advantage too. Every time you donate you get a little health check. Your iron levels get checked and other important health things that I can’t list. I also learnt my blood type (O negative, FYI) which then led me to do some research on different blood types. Do you know that it’s said your blood type determines your personality? In Japan, blood type has big implications for life, work and love. Read about what your blood type says about you.

There’s a few boxes you need to tick before you can donate blood. Check to see if you’re eligible to donate.

Lastly, thanks to the kind people who work in the blood banks. Thanks for always ensuring I don’t faint and making sure I get home okay. You’re kindness is appreciated!

PS. Well done to Jay Tapscott who donated for the first time and drank two chocolate milks. That’s an example of getting. it. done.

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